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A Valued Statement
"We stand united against the tyranny of the Sith and their destructive Empire, but not without purpose. It is our Purpose - our meaning which drives us to fight on. To stand even in the darkest hour with clarity and conviction. No matter your origin, it is our natural instinct to find meaning. Here, on the frontier of deception, stirs a hope many will come to trust. Azure Republica is not only a name, but a symbol representing a new light that will amplify throughout the galaxy. I believe we all agree that the Sith, though underhandedly, now hold the upper hand. The question is,"How long will you bow before deciding to take action?" Step forward, men and women of the republic. Take your place in the hour of fate and help us pave the way towards a brighter future for our children and their children. Innovation is key. Together we will surprise the Empire with renewed purpose. Together we will nurture our society and restore balance. The azure path awaits us. Join today."

- Y'sarien Bilal

Azure Republica currently seeks members to join its many services fields. If you like the military, if you like healing, if you like crafting things, or if you like exploring or keeping artifacts of our past then you'll find a good home here among us. It doesn't Azure Republica was founded only a couple weeks ago by Y'sarien Bilal. The Dean of Medicine and Healing aspires to play an even greater role in society by encouraging his peers to join in this campaign to restore true peace to the Republic.

Need all Classes - Jedi, Smugglers, and Troopers alike. Join us today!

(Note: Find out more about us in the General Information page found on the left side in the Info Box.)

Guild News

Operation Formation

Loa_Teresch, Jan 7, 12 4:31 PM.
Azure Republica is a Med-Heavy RP, GLBT friendly guild composed of 4 guild ideas fused into one. "Azure Republica" is the name of our Guild Starship and also our company. We take RP to the next level by providing various branches that will mix into gameplay and still help pioneer the road to a successful RP community. These branches are meant give our members in-game "jobs" if you will. In one way or another, these jobs encourage guild and community RP ranging from our very own merchant's team, to security enforcement, to medical fields, to archaeology, and more. Through these various branches will also come about warzone, flash point, and raid RP.

We're looking for members who are active, dedicated, helpful, and are willing to do what it takes to make the guild a success. Here in Azure Republica we do not require you to be a pro role player so long as you're willing to learn and grow with our family. You are also not required to raid or do warzones, as our RP will be just as strong and successful if not more. However, you are required to have fun, be comfortable, friendly, and represent us in the way the guild deserves. We also ask that you respect our IC and OOC policies.
1. Alignment
2. What are the RP Channels?
3. What are our RP events and How often are they?
4. How many branches can we join?
5. What are the ranks? How do you achieve them?
6. Alt's in guild
7. Can you tell me more about the warzone/raid teams?
8. Level of maturity in guild?
9. Activity.
10.Guild Helpfulness.
11.Perosnal goals?
12.Last, but not least...

1.Azure Republic is a PRO-REPUBLIC guild. Our main goal is to provide hope and a better future for the Republic and some neutral territories. It's safe to assume that, by default, the guild is light-side alignment. In terms of good versus evil, we're considered good to lawful-good.

However, everyone seems to have their own twist on what good versus evil is especially in terms of SW:TOR. Let's make it clear that you may choose to twist it however you see fit, but you must stay within the virtues (Integrity, Helpfulness, and Vigilence) of the guild while doing so. If you feel a choice you make may be underhanded or deceitful chances are it is. Your guild leader has eyes and ears everywhere, and will be on the look-out to make sure you stand for the cause.
*Role Play*
2. Our RP chats are guild chat, whisper, and say.
  • Guild Chat: The Azure Republica Starship and a central commlink system available for those who RP away from the ship.
  • Whisper: Transmitting messages from one member to the other.
  • Say: Up-close role play chat.
(There is an OOC channel provided for you upon initiation to the guild.)

3. There will be RP events at least once a week. This along with your branch meet and greet will keep things rolling for you and your team mates.

*Branch Information*

4.These fields are created for any class (Smuggler, Jedi, or Trooper). The universal idea SW:TOR is members from different walks of life still combining forces and using their talents against the Sith. In character, we do take into account your class and your advanced class as part of the RP, however it does not effect your primary focus (i.e Han Solo was a smuggler, but all smuggling aside he still rose up as the leader of a strike team against the Sith). You can participate in as many branches of service as you want, but everyone must have a primary one. This will be the one you focus on first before the others, so take your time in choosing.

  • Azure Republica Armed Forces: (RP-PvP) This is our military branch. They consist of the Static Ops Division (trooper), Code Name: Hailstorm (aerial), Sector Recon (stealth), and Republica Security. Led by the General, these honorable soldiers guard against the Empire and Separatists attacks.
  • Star Medica (Medical Center): (RP, RP-PvP, RP-PvE) A Medical Center where our healers perform their everyday services for the community. (Whether you plan to be a combat medic or hospital medic, you're required to contribute RP hospital time.)
  • Star Medica (Wildlife Center): (RP-achievement) Star Medica Sub-Branch. These zoologists study and care for the flora and fauna of our galaxy. Whether their work is out on the field or within the center, you must contribute Vet. Hospital time. (This will be more fun once they add beast mounts to the game!)
  • The Galactaeum Conservatory: (RP, RP-Raid, RP-PvP) These archaeologists endure any extreme for the sake of researching precious lore and artifacts. Some are also charged with overseeing the protection of items and weapons potentially useful against the Empire as well as forbidden weaponry.
  • The Artisan League: (RP-Crew Skills) Master merchants who either specialize in homemade masterpieces, or finding valuable items throughout the galaxy. They either sell on the road or through a provided market space. This branch also includes those who engineer or fix things for the community.(10% of profits from sales go to the guild bank.)
  • En'veta Republica: (RP, RP-PvP, RP-PvE) This is our official/formal branch provided for politicians, emissaries, senators, and speakers/recruiters. They also are our representatives in any political affair. (This branch is mainly for Guild Leaders and Officers)
*Rank Information*
5. There are 7 achievable ranks. That's apprentice, your branch rank, veteran, and Head Master. These ranks are achieved either by time or by participation and each are heavily RP involved.
  • Trainee - Once You've figured out what branch you wish to join, you'll be given the title of trainee. Trainees are considered recruits who are part of a branch as a whole and therefore must complete general tasks revolving around the branch.
  • Apprentice - The idea of an apprentice is someone who trains closely with another. Therefore, you will work alongside any of your team mates to fulfill your missions, requests, etc. It doesn't have to be the same team mate over again, but there must be a second eye there who can validate and report your progress.
  • Field Specialist - Yay! You've finally joined your division! Field Specialists are given specific titles according to their unit (i.e Librarian, Combat Medica, or Ambassador). Though you'll still have your own individual tasks, you're now eligible for team ones as well.
  • Field Veteran - We're moving up in the world! Though you may not be an officer, we still believe giving you a promotion is a very good way to recognize your efforts and devotion to our guild (Yay you. ^_^). Wear this rank proudly and continue the good work!
  • Intendant - This is a supportive role. Intendants can't invite, remove, promote, or demote. However they are the eyes, ears, and second in commands of their division and are assistants to their commander and acting leads to the division in the commander's absence.
  • Commander - Supvervisor take on various roles of leadership to our guild. This could be the division commander to one of our many teams in the Armed Forces, Veterinarian/Doctor to Star Medica, Curator of the Galactaeum, or even an Artisan/Architect Coordinator.
  • Official - With all the mechanics set up for each branch, you can actually think of the Official as a guild master. Pretty much, Officials are trusted to run and care for their house as if it were their own guild. They are in charge of bringing ideas to the table as such, and making sure they are carried out. Being an Official means you are automatically selected to join En'veta Republica as a representative to the eveyday politics of the Republic.
    *Guild Alts*
    6. You can have as many alts in the guild as you desire, but you absolutely must have a main who is 50 before inviting the second alt to the guild. Until your main has reached 50, you can only have 2 characters total in the guild.

    7. There may be a few raid/warzone teams scheduled about twice a week and only 2-3 hours long (More or less depending on team discretion). If you intend on being apart of them please be sure to enlist your name and role as there is an application process. Each group will have its own leader. (Note: You don't have to be level 50 to enroll, but you if you wish to be apart of our core team please be active enough to get there in a reasonable time.)

    *Ops Teams*

    • Raid Group 1: Friday+Saturday at 8pm EST. - Led by Sai'dhyr Loa'Teresch
    • Raid Group 2: Open

    *Warzone Teams*
    • PvP Group 1: Open 
    • PvP Group 2: Open

    8. Keep it clean. SWTOR has quickly become the number one MMO and there are people from all walks of life who play it. Please do not joke or discriminate against any type of person. Keep it mature, respectful, and always be willing to find a middle ground that works for everyone.(If there's a problem in-guild and you can't please report it to an officer, and we'll mediate the situation.)

    9. I'm hoping for members to be quite active, but please show up at least 3 times a week. Make yourself an active member to the guild and our setup as much as possible.

    10. We all have our own agendas while on SWTOR, but as a guild mate please be of assistance whenever you can, and please participate in guild activities.

    11. Though we as guildies are here for you, it is important that you have a sense of independence. We must be allowed time to take care of our own character goals. We will try and help every chance we can, but expect times where you may need to wait, ask for other assistance, or simply attempt the trial alone.

    12. Have fun! Take time to get to know each other. We're a guild for goodness' sake!

    We thank you for reading, and hope you haven chosen Azure Republica as your new home. Thank you.
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